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Quote icon 1Being large most of my adult life, I had grown comfortable with my size, but as I grew older my body had become a burden. At 345 lbs I had developed Type II diabetes. As a result, I had to take medication 4 times a day and developed diabetic neuropathy in my fingers and feet. My doctors informed me that I would only be able to sustain any quality of life for the next 8-10 years; all of this due to my weight. My only option was permanent weight loss.

The LAP-BAND® is a non-invasive surgery. I experienced dramatic weight loss, had a small recovery time and experienced little discomfort. A year and a half later I went from 345 lbs to 212 lbs, a loss of 133 lbs. I no longer take medication for diabetes and have been completely cured of the disease. Because of my weight loss with the LAP-BAND® I am now able to live life again, instead of just existing. As one of my LAP-BAND® friends said, "Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels".Quote icon 2

By - A N

Quote icon 1At 291 lbs I feared my son would soon be embarrassed to have a severely overweight mom and maybe even start to resent me. Other sincere efforts to lose weight were not working and I knew I had to do something. I started looking into gastric bypass but was not impressed with the idea of having my insides rearranged. I chose the LAP-BAND® because it is minimally invasive and can be adjusted.

The LAP-BAND® has helped me achieve my health, fitness and emotional goals. I've lost 115 lbs and truly feel my image now accurately reflects who I am. I have always been a confident person but losing the weight has provided me with a real emotional boost. With more and more people falling into the obese category every day, I want to spread the word about the outstanding benefits of the LAP-BAND® System.Quote icon 2

By - C N

Quote icon 1Most diet plans were too hard for me to stick to long term; I would lose weight but I always gained it back the minute I went off the plan. I felt isolated, and physically I had knee and back pain, chronic GERD and asthma. My father, a physician who had seen me struggle my whole life, told me about the LAP-BAND® System and encouraged me to look into it. I learned that if you are ready and willing to commit to a new lifestyle, then the LAP-BAND® is right for you.

I was scared at first that I would not succeed but I kept a positive attitude, followed the advice of my nutritionist and doctor very closely and soon the weight started coming off at a steady pace. I have lost 110 lbs and have never looked back. The thing I love about the LAP-BAND® is that it does not go away; it does not allow you to 'fall off the wagon'. It is a constant reminder that I made a decision to live a healthy lifestyle.Quote icon 2

By - R B

Quote icon 1I had been struggling with my weight all my life. I would lose weight; gain it all back and more. After the third attempt at losing weight and failing, I decided to look into bariatric surgery. Before I had bariatric surgery, I developed sleep apnea in my early twenty's. Then as I got older, I developed hypertension and borderline diabetes. I have always been afraid of "going under the knife", but Dr. Singh removed my gallbladder a couple years prior and I was very impressed with how easy it went. When I found out he did bariatric surgery as well, I decided it was time to get serious.

Since I had bariatric surgery my energy and stamina levels increased tremendously. I am healthier in the sense that I actually chose wisely before I put food in my mouth. Dr. Singh is a very skilled surgeon with outstanding bedside manners. The staff is very knowledgeable and always on top of their game. I would definitely refer Dr. Singh to anyone who was interested in bariatric surgery or looking for a general surgeon.Quote icon 2

By - S G

How long had you been struggling with your weight before you decided to look into Bariatric Surgery?
I have been struggling with my weight since 2007.

What were some of your struggles before you had bariatric surgery?
Back and knee pain, High cholesterol , Sleep apnea.

What influenced you to choose bariatric surgery?
I knew I had to loose weight inorder to become healthy and control my medical conditions.

How, specifically, did the bariatric surgery change your day to day activities/living?
I am able to move around and not experience the back and knee pain. I am more physically active.

How has your experience been with myself and my staff?
Dr. Singh is wonderful. He is patient, very nice and I felt very comfortable with him. The staff was friendly and courteous.

What would you say to a friend who was thinking of bariatric surgery, but wasn't sure?
I would let them know it has changed my life and helped with either resolving my health problem or either they are getting better and should do it.

Would you recommended Dr. Singh to your friends or family?
I would most differently refer Dr. Singh to everyone he is great.

By - L S


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